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Skin Clinic in Wales Cardiff Awards 2015 copyIn recent years there has been much research into an effective, long-term solution to excessive sweating and miraDry represents a breakthrough for sufferers of what can be a very distressing condition.

miraDry has received FDA approval in the US, meaning it has been clinically proven to significantly reduce or even stop excessive underarm sweating. Dr Maria Gonzalez offers miraDry from her clinics in Cardiff and London; she is currently the only centre outside of London offering this ground-breaking treatment for excessive underarm sweating.


Everyone produces sweat to stop the body from overheating, but for hyperhidrosis sufferers seeking help on how to sweat less, their sweat glands are overactive and produce much more sweat than is necessary to cool the body and often at inappropriate times.

miraDry utilises electromagnetic energy, delivered into the underarm area, to eliminate the sweat glands and so reduce excessive underarm sweating.

What are the advantages of miraDry over other excessive underarm sweating treatments?

miraDry is permanent

Botulinum toxin is an effective treatment for excessive sweating, but the procedure needs to be repeated every six to nine months, which means it can become costly and time-consuming. miraDry provides lasting results as the sweat glands do not come back after treatment. The treatment can therefore get rid of excessive underarm sweating and stop excessive underarm sweating.

miraDry’s results are immediatemiraDry procedure

Patients typically need two procedures, spaced three months apart to get optimal results, but often see a significant reduction in their sweat production from their first treatment. One recent clinical study found that there was, on average, an 82% reduction in excessive underarm sweating.

miraDry has minimal downtime

The only other long-term options for excessive sweating is surgery, but surgery carries risk and potential side effects and can involve a lengthy downtime. With miraDry there is minimal or even no downtime and most patients are able to return to normal daily life immediately post-procedure. Most patients also report little or no pain is felt during a miraDry procedure to treat excessive underarm sweating.

For more information on the miraDry procedure, available to treat excessive sweating patients in both London and South Wales, fill in the contact form to the side, and one of the team at the Specialist Skin Clinic will be in touch.

Dr Maria Gonzalez offers miraDry at two locations. For more information on miraDry for Excessive underarm sweating or the full range of skin treatments available at the Specialist Skin Clinic email info@specialistskinclinic.co.uk or call 02920 617690.

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