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- Want to look and feel your best? No sweat.

The sweat stops here with miraDry

The first clinic in Cardiff, Wales to offer this

innovative treatment for excessive sweating

Everyone sweats – it’s normal and necessary to control the body’s temperature, particularly in warm weather, during illness or when exercising.

However, many people can suffer from excessive sweating at inappropriate times, typically in the underarm area or the hands and feet, to such a degree that it can cause distress and embarrassment and even affect an individual’s ability to do certain jobs. Excessive sweating can have a major impact on the lives of those affected.

There are a number of treatment options for excessive sweating that vary in terms of effectiveness and longevity, but recently much research has been done into the development of new technology that promises to provide a more long-term and significant reduction in excessive sweating generally and specifically in excessive underarm sweating.

The Specialist Skin Clinic offers miraDry* (a new innovative treatment for excessive underarm sweating) in Cardiff, South Wales and is the only clinic in Wales offering this innovative and effective treatment for excessive underarm sweating.

(* Results may vary between individuals)

In Good Hands

Dr Maria Gonzalez has 20 years’ experience as a dermatologist treating a wide range of skin treatments.

Cause for Concern

Thought to affect 1% of the population, excessive sweating can cause embarrassment and distress to sufferers.

Treatment Breakthrough

miraDry is a ground-breaking treatment for excessive sweating and promises a long-term reduction.

The Specialist Skin Clinic Introduces MiraDry

Skin Clinic in Wales Cardiff Awards 2015 copyAt the Specialist Skin Clinic we are proud to introduce miraDry* treatment as part of our range of treatments at our Cardiff clinics. I have been treating hyperhidrosis for many years and in recent years have been using injectables which has proved very effective for treating excessive sweating in the underarm area. One of the drawbacks of  excessive sweating treatment is its temporary nature as the effects only last six months approximately, so when a new  excessive underarm sweating treatment was developed ( Miradry* ) that promised a long lasting reduction in excessive sweating I was very interested.

As with all treatments I offer at the Specialist Skin Clinic in Cardiff, South Wales. I researched miraDry* treatment thoroughly before offering it to my patients to ensure that it was both safe and effective in treating excessive underarm sweating. On average, miraDry* treatment produces an 82% reduction in excessive sweating. What I also liked was that it wasn’t invasive and entailed very little downtime.

miraDry* treatment: Higher Patient Satisfaction rating from, realself.com.

Miradry Treatment Stop Excessive Arm­pit Underarm Sweating Hyperhidrosis Cure in Cardif Wales London United Kingdom UK

For more information on miraDry*  treatment visit the Specialist Skin Clinic or contact us by email info@specialistskinclinic.co.uk or call 02920 617690.

(* Results may vary between individuals)

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